Why Bleachbright?

Testimonials from our newest Bleachbright smiles.

'Teeth Whitening tested and approved. I have very sensitive teeth and this was not at all uncomfortable during or after the treatment.  An easy and quick 30 minute Whitening session with an additional 10 minutes for the Bluminerals treatment which seals the pores in my teeth straight away to prevent any further staining. Very happy.'  

- Hayley, Chirnside Park, VIC.


ibright uses advanced LED technology that connects to your smartphone or USB to whiten your teeth on the go. This easy and painless system brightens your smile with each use. Simply use the LED light for 30 minutes and repeat daily or until desired results are achieved. Included with the ibright Smartphone Whitening System is enough gel for up to four applications. *Refills Available.  


What can you expect from the ibright Smart Phone Whitening System?

• Whiten your teeth with virtually no sensitivity
• Portable whitening on the go
• Results with each use Included:
• Attachable 16 watt LED lighted patent pending mouthpiece
• Dust free case
• Premium 3X3ml whitening gel syringes with easy applicator dispensing tip